Sunday, 25 July 2010

Turning Japanese, I really think so!

Lovely fiancé has just returned from a two week business trip to Hong Kong and Tokyo, and I just can't resist sharing the lovely Hello Kitty gifts he brought for me: as i've mentioned more than once before, my love of Hello Kitty knows no bounds, and if it was up to me that adorable little kitty would adorn my whole house. We're all allowed our own moments of dubious taste, and this is mine!!

First up is this big slouchy leather handbag - I was shocked when I saw it because it's actually pretty subtle and usually these Hello Kitty accessories are made of pleather whereas this one feels as soft as butter!
I LOVE the big Hello Kitty hair turban; perfect for wearing post bath with my Hello Kitty PJ's. There are also Hello Kitty socks, the cutest ice cube tray, a mug and spoon, and if you're wondering about the Hello Kitty figurine sat on the toilet, I think this picture probably explains what made him choose that:
Rather than have Hello Kitty stuff all over the house I try to concentrate the collection in one room - in this case the bathroom! The toilet mat is also new.

All of these presents were lovely surprises, but sadly, despite hunting every Sanrio shop he passed, Mike couldn't find the one present I asked him for: the Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel bride and groom plush dolls. So whilst I know this is an off piste request (normal fashion service resuming tomorrow!) if anyone knows where I can buy them in London, i'll be forever in your debt!

Love, Tor xx


WendyB said...

No one can resist Hello Kitty. Except this guy.

Winnie said...

Tor...I think I love you more than I did already! I am such a fan of Hello Kitty and that hair turban is my favourite haha!

Love Wendy's link...I browse that from time to time too!

Adri said...


Whether they're genuine or not is another question though.

tor (fabfrocks) said...

Wendy - I LOVE this site: Although I always want to buy it all, which I don't think is the idea!

Winnie - Glad you're a fellow fan! Will email you back your survey this afternoon btw x

Adri - Thank you x 10 million! My perfect wedding present to myself!

teawithonesugarplease said...

OMG - I used to have a Hello Kitty themed bathroom like yours! I got the Hello Kitty Wedding couple for my wedding from a Japanese friend - still have it as my daughter plays with it now. But if you really wanted one for your wedding then please let me know as I would be more than happy to lend it to you :-)

blogging is cheap said...

I lived over in Japan and Kitty Chan was actually not as ubiquitous as you'd think.

I managed to make it home with just a Hello Kitty keitai charm for my mobile phone. Pretty restrained I thought!

shelbybaby said...

hey babydoll! i just used my pair for my wedding. i'd love to send you mine if you don't mind it being abit scuffled up... email me at: