Monday, 19 July 2010

Skip the coffee, buy a manicure!!

I get excited every morning when my Wahanda newsletter arrives in my inbox (yes, I am that sad!) But, you know, what's not to get excited about? This website has revolutionised my (previously barely existant) salon life: You can get your hair cut for less than half the price, spa days for less than the cost of a lunch date, and I am seriously holding out for a teeth whitening one in time for the wedding...
....But today I had to snap the deal up before they realised they'd made a mistake! Any £20 beauty treatment for just £2!? That means a beauty treatment for less than a latte, a sandwich, or the standard tube fair home! I got the London deal, but it is also available in Birmingham, Manchester, or Leeds. In London, £2 will get you one of the following: a manicure, a pedicure,
eyebrow/eyelash tint, and a whole load of waxing!

And if you want a treatment that's a little more expensive? Well then you can have it, and pay the difference! I'm going for the 30 minute city pedicure: a nice treat for my seriously neglected tootsies. You can only buy the deal today though, so time is of the essence. Give up that extra coffee from Starbucks (you really don't need it anyway!) and get pampered instead!

Love, Tor xxx


Amy said...

OH MY GOD. Why has no-one told me about this before? This is a salon treatment that even I can afford! Thank you, lovely.

I'm running a competition on my blog: feel free to come and enter!

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Kb said...

Thanks, now I can have nyc nails yet again! Thanks for sharing this site, told my mum too!

Kb from I Want You To Know

Pearl Westwood said...

Hey I was going to email you but I cant access emails that pop up (damn vista). Fab in your Forties tells me you are a veteran at blog sales so I wanted to let you know about Blog Sale Day, the idea is to get all the bloggers who want to have a sale, to have a sale on 1st Aug. One big fun day of buying and selling! Info on my blog xx

p.s that purple floral maxi dress is amazing!