Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Most important vote since the general election!

The time has come for people to vote on the Sarenza competition I told you about last week. I don't want to give you guys voters fatique (the general election, the bloggers trip to Paris, how many more important decisions can you be asked to make!?) But I would really really appreciate it, and insist on your being lavished with rewards in the kingdom of heaven, if you could vote for me to win the Sarenza Continental fashion findings competition.

All you have to do is click here, which takes you directly to my entry, and then click vote: they ask for your email address but this is optional; you can just click submit and go on your way! I would really appreciate the votes, but as this isn't a dictatorship, then I should also say that some of the other bloggers look beautiful, and you can vote for whoever you like without making me cry too loudly!

Here's the link again: click here to vote for me! The competition is open for 10 days, and you can vote once a day, so if you're feeling really generous, vote for me more than once (you can't do that in the general election, that's cheating, but hey! I don't make the rules!)

I'm going to go now, and start preparing my acceptance speech - thanks to my mum, dad, everyone who believed in me, and you guys for voting! Now, to cry (like Gwynnie) or not to cry?!

Love, Tor xx

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Claire said...

I've voted! Good luck! :)

Claire @ Jazzpad