Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Daily wear: Taking it to the max!

On Sunday I went for a brief shopping trip in High Barnet (home of all about 10 shops!) and in a nasty cheap looking shop called "prodigy", where all the dresses are less than £10, I fell in love with a pair of maxi dresses in the window. 5 minutes, one weird curtain (instead of a changing room) and £20 later, and both dresses were mine - maybe it shows you shouldn't trust a book (or a dress!) by its cover! Today I decided to try one out:
I am newly in love with maxi dresses - they're flattering, and keep you really cool when the weather gets hot whilst still protecting your modesty. I teamed mine with last years blue sandals from Primark, a chunky green bangle from Miss Selfridges, my favourite Joy bag, and a necklace I made myself by pulling together the charms from all my necklaces that had broken chains.

I also painted my nails in lilac to match: the colour is palmer violet from 17, and I really love the shade but am disappointed with the quality of the varnish: it's the first time i've ever tried 17 varnish before and it seems to peel of almost as soon as I put it on. I've now given this colour three attempts and it is yet to stay on my nails for more than one day - definite nail varnish fail.

Overall I like the affect of the outfit - perfect for a day out in the sun, or for sitting in my office, which doesn't have any air conditioning!!

Love, Tor x

* Technically this is a yester-daily wear post - I wrote this yesterday but blogger was playing up so I couldn't get it published!

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Alex said...

Ooh lovely maxi! Isn't it fun when you find something unexpectedly nice in tatty shops?

Anonymous said...

Looking fab, have you lost some weight? Looking very good on it!

Ps. Have you sent the polaroid sunglasses yet? Just checking because of my rubbish post!


WendyB said...

Fabulous look on you...the colors, the cut, everything.

Winnie said...

The maxi is great, I know what you mean when you find unexpected buys in shops like that! You look lovely and 17! I used to adore it when I was younger, I remember my first lipgloss was by them...it was green and minty as I recall!

Laura said...

I love a good unexpected buy. You look great!

I'm having the opposite reaction to 17 nail varnish. I used to avoid it because I thought it would be poor quality, but I bought some of the pastel shades to see what they would look like before I went and broke the bank on some OPI shades if I liked it, but I found that they stay on for around three-four days with no major chippage! Weird how we could find them so different...

Sarah-Rose said...

Wow - I always assume maxi dresses can't work on curvy girls like you and me but you look AMAZING. I may have to try the look out when summer comes back to this end of the world.

Style Eyes said...

Love your maxi dress and the bright blue sandals look great with it.

Candycane said...

Cute dress xXx

Helen said...

Hi Tor!
Just started following your blog and i love it! It's so refreshing to see a normal-sized girl giving great fashion advice to normal sized people!
And i've got to say i just saw this picture and just thought it looked beautiful on you!
Keep up the great blogging!