Thursday, 8 July 2010

River Island sale: Maximum ten items

The problem with online shopping is that you can't be 100% sure what you're buying until it arrives. Will it fit, will the quality be nice, how much am I going to lose on postage charges if I have to send it back? All considerations of the average online shopping experience.

This is made much easier if you can try things on it store and then buy them online, but why would you bother? If you're already in the shop and you have the garment in you're hand, why not buy it there and then and leave the shop with it! So, despite the fact the River Island sale started online two days ago, I waited until it hit stores today before I went bargain hunting!
You can only take a maximum of ten items into the changing rooms at River Island; it's important to remember this, because you will want to take in about thirty. Stock was going fast, and you had to queue round the room to get to the tills, but i'm giving the River Island sale two thumbs up. I wanted nearly everything I tried on.
The casual T shirts and vests selection was great and started at £6, with lots of Parisian influence (speaking of which, please remember to vote for me and send me to Paris) I love the middle, Parisian themed top, which would be a lovely transitional piece to take you through to Autumn. They also had a big selection of rock and punk inspired logo tops, as well as stripes and polka dots: anything a T shirt loving soul could desire, really.
As well as the clothes, there is also a massive shoes and accessories sale: leather heels starting at £20, flats and sandals starting at £8. I'm a big fan of River Island accessories and I think, quality wise, that they are some of the best on the high street. There were two handbags I loved but at £75 each they were still a little rich for me; a big discount from the original £150 price tag though! They also had hundreds of pairs of very cool Spitfire sunglasses reduced to just £5: I couldn't resist, and picked a pair up!

I've written several times about my love of all things River Island, and if you're a River Island fan too, I definitely recommend you check out the sale. If you're not a River Island fan, it's worth a peek for the shoes: some of them are incredible, and I had a five minute "shoe heaven" moment!

Love, Tor x

Note; please excuse my 'I really need a hair cut' hair do, and the hurried lunchtime photos; this post is for illustration purposes only!


f3r :) said...

U have a rlly interesting blog here! I'm following and looking forward to ur posts :) Check out mine if u want ->

Harriet said...

Love that second dress - gorgeous!

Alex said...

Thanks for the warning about the sale - I was so strong willed and only bought one shirt but there was loads of lovely stuff!

Make Do Style said...

I love the maxi dress and your hair is fab Ms FabFrock - how it has grown xx

i love bows:) said...

i have so much love for river island haha am gutted, cos i bought things the previous week which are now in the sale-but i did get some cute jewellery ive wanted for a while now:) i love the 2nd dress too:)


Matilda said...

I love what is going on in New Look, River Island and Dorothy Perkins of the late. Not keen however, on the od of Paris. Paris' false agenda that is. Cute blog. -x- X