Thursday, 15 July 2010

Vodaphone London Fashion Weekend

I can hardly believe it's that time of the year again - this morning the digital schedule was released, I completed my registration last week: London Fashion Week is here again. And for any fashion loving gal that can only mean one thing: It's time for London Fashion Weekend! Tickets went on sale today.

I love London Fashion Weekend; it's got to be one of the shopping highlights of the season. This year there will be over 100 designers, and as usual discounts will be up to 70% off. Tickets start from £12.50, but in my experience, you get that back in discount if you purchase just one thing (and i've been known to come out with bags full!)If you're a vodaphone customer (I'm not, I was tempted by the free cinema tickets from Orange!) you can go to and be in with a change of winning free tickets, making your bargains even more bargainalicious. The great thing about London Fashion Weekend is that it's more than shopping; you can watch catwalk shows, have beauty treatments, and enjoy lunch with champagne when your feet get tired.

Sadly there's no entrance to under 18s unless accompanied by an adult, so younger readers will have to persuade their mums to take them (shouldn't be a problem - my mum's never been known to say no to a shopping trip!)

Finally, if I haven't already got you tempted, here's the full list of designers that will be at the event. I'm going to start saving my shopping pennies already!

Love, Tor xx

PS - Sorry for the short post today, but I have my first wedding dress appointment this afternoon, and i'm too excited to think about any dresses that aren't white and covered in tulle!

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teawithonesugarplease said...

I want DETAILS of the wedding dress darling