Thursday, 22 July 2010

Etsy obsession of the week: Follow the white rabbit

Etsy is proving to be a valuable wedding tool, both for sourcing suppliers and finding inspiration for my own DIYs. Because we are having an Alice in Wonderland themed wedding, I often type "Alice in Wonderland" into the search box on Etsy and wonder at the lovely stuff that pops up. In celebration of my new favourite theme, it will be the focus of today's obsession of the week: Here are some of my favourite Alice in Wonderland Etsy fashion finds:-

Rabbit in a rush necklace, Shoogi, $29.50Photobucket
I love how dignified the rabbit on this necklace looks, and I love a locket that you can personalise on the inside with pictures of your family and loved ones. The tiny key charm is a lovely detail to the necklace too, and I think the pricepoint is really reasonable. The designer is based in Isreal, and even if you're not an Alice fan, well worth checking out for some of her other incredible designs.

Of all the pieces i've found this is my absolute favourite, as it combines my two favourite things: books and fashion! These book bags are constructed around real books, and each bag is custom designed and handmade; the inside and the lining etc are 100% cotton. Other books are available including Jane Austen, Edgar Allen Poe, Brothers Grimm, HG Wells and many more; there is something for every book lover. I fell head over heels in love with this etsy shop!

These dresses are an absolute bargain, especially when you think of the amount of work that must go into custom making them! Not quite costumes, but too elaborate for a stroll around Asda, I don't know how or where I could make this work, but I know I want to give it a go! This dress would look so flattering on a pear shape or hour glass figure: if the queen of hearts inspiration is too much for you, then loliposh also make similar shaped dresses in vintage pastel or floral fabrics perfect for garden parties, picnics, or hot summer days!

Love, Tor


Ali said...

That last dress is too awesome. I love your blog, stumbled across it while googling outfit challenges, haha!~ :)

deanna said...

That bag is amazing! And the dress is sooo pretty.

MrsBossa said...

Good finds, all! The dress is amazing - will you buy it? You must post photos of it in situ if you do... :)

Daisy said...

Oh my gosh, what a fantastic dress !Etsy is full of hidden fun!