Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Fashion thoughts of the day....

Photo shows: Madonna's daughter Lourdes, genuine dutch clog (say with accent), tricksy jumpsuit, banned diesel ad, and Lady Gaga dressed as a man

- No doubt you've read about it, but have you actually checked out Lourdes (as in Madonna's daughter) blog? It's not actually her blog I don't think, but the blog for the tween clothing collection the pair have launched - of the three posts so far my guess would be that she's written half of one. Effectively its a corporate blog designed to sell the collection, but I can't help but wonder if its the wrong decision to put Lourdes "out there" so much when she is only 13: blogging ultimately brings you closer to people (fans and critics) and I don't know if it's fair to ask someone so young to deal with that. Interested to know what you guys think about it!?

- I'm beginning to wonder if fashion is less about taste and more about habit. I remember wearing clogs shoes the first time round back in the nineties (my mum worried they'd warp my feet and my dad used to always ask if I was from Holland) and this left me very anti their revival. I was not cool in the nineties! At one point I even insisted it was a trend that I wasn't buying in to. (and there are very few of those) Until I saw clog sandals on every blogger and in every magazine and on passing feet on my way to work - at first I got used to them, then that acceptance turned to like, and the like to desire. So yesterday I bought a pair!

- Why are jumpsuits so impossible to remove when you really need to go to the loo?! I'm addicted to my jumpsuits on hot sunny days but find myself hopping around with my elbows bent like a contortionist trying to get them off whenever I need a wee. Is there some trick that i'm missing??

-Whenever you're told somethings been banned for being offensive, do you immediately want to know what it looks like? Diesel have had two posters banned: one showing a woman flashing a CCTV camera, and another showing a woman photographing her crotch. The text on both says "smart may have the brains but stupid has the balls. Be stupid. Diesel." All I can think about is how I wish I could see these banned ads: which is why it's in the picture above. I always think banned ads are great PR for companies - it's the only way you can get so many national papers talking about your brand and product.

- I love Lady Gaga and I love her even more now i've seen the pictures of her dressed up as a man! The pics are for Japan Vogue Homme, and I love her for having the balls (excuse the pun) to tackle the rumours that she is a man/hermaphrodite etc head on, and on her own terms. I also think she makes a seriously handsome man!

This are all little bits i've noticed or been thinking about today, but none of them are big enough to warrant a post of their own. I'm addicted to Glee and want to end this with a tribute to Sue Sylvester (That's how Tor sees it!) but i'm just not cool enough to pull it off! Maybe i'll mumble something cool in "youth speak" like Lourdes did instead.....

Love, Tor xx


Hayles said...

I love the pictures of Lady (Sir? Lord? Master?) Gaga as a bloke!
Your jumpsuit problem is the main reason I wont buy one. I have horrid memories of wearing a denim bodysuit when I was 13, and figure that a bodysuit will be more difficult!

Hayles said...

Also, I love this type of post, its like bits that were too long for Twitter all squished up!

WendyB said...

Loving Lord Gaga!

Mai: said...

The Material Girl blog is an embarrassment.
Its so fake its hurting my hair.
The great thing about blogs is we get real people writing about things that interest us -though we are all aware of 'sponsorships' etc- but when a company pretends to be a real person with 'real' opinions is kinda horrible.
Hopefully most people will be smart enough to fall for this.

Thanks for a great and real blog Tor, x