Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Keeping your cool, or not feeling hot, hot, hot!

Whilst we're all in the pub 'watching' the football this afternoon (Come on you reds!....sorry, wrong game. Come on England!) the temperatures will reach a sweltering 28oC, which will feel even hotter in the city, due to the lack of wind, and smog trapping the heat. On Saturday the mercury is set to rise to 30oC. I've already started persuading Mike we need a trip to the coast this weekend, in a bid to stay cool, which gave me the idea of sharing these tips for how to stay cool in the sun.

1. More is more. Everyone always thinks when the sun comes out they need to strip down to skimpy vests and shorts. Not true. The sun on your skin will actually heat it, making you feel hotter. Opt for light loose cotton layers with sleeves if you want to protect your skin and keep your temperature down.

2. Wear light coloured clothing. Not only does white show off your tan, it will also reflect the sun, helping to keep you cool. Black absorbs the sun, so is best avoided on really hot days (Sob! This is the hardest rule to follow!)
Please note - if you wear all these white things together you will look like the Angel Gabriel. You have been warned.

3. Get ahead: get a hat. I always wanted to use that! But hats really are good for keeping you cool and protecting your head from the sun: I find when I don't drink enough water or go hat free I end up with terrible headaches from the sun. Hats also look really chic too, and can bring your outfit together. Here are my top 5 from the highstreet:
All of the hats chosen are in breathable weaves that let the air circulate. I find anything too tightly knit, such as a baseball cap, leaves you with a hot and sweaty head.

4. Protect your eyes. Sunglasses aren't just for wannabe wags (In winter, this is a whole other story!) The sun is bright, so wear sunglasses - simples!!

NB - All these tips are tried and tested. I have milky white skin which rarely tans combined with temperature sensitivity which sees me pass out when I overheat. Fabfrocks - Suffering since 1984, so you don't have to!

Love, Tor x


Make Do Style said...

I always cover up - whatever I wear there is a white shirt on top to keep me cool.

teawithonesugarplease said...

Long loose layers that's why I am having a maxi dress moment in this heat