Thursday, 10 June 2010

Fabfrocks picks from the New Look sale

Hi guys,

The New Look sale started at the end of last week, and my sister and I popped in and picked up some absolute bargains. However I didn't have time for a big try on session to share with you guys until today. Today there is certainly less stock, but still lots of great picks especially if your planning a summer holiday or obsessed with the peach and nude trend, and all of it half price or less.
I loved these two very prim and proper 50s style dresses, though the boob area on the pink one was pretty perculiar! The fit is perfect for body shapes like mine: all nipped in waist and flared skirt with a fitted bust. I'm also a sucker for polka dots, so both of these dresses had me at "hello." For a wedding/garden party/any other smart summer occasion both of these dresses would be perfect, and their so cheap you could splash out on a really great pair of shoes to wear with them: the pink dress is just £12 and the blue one is £15.
See what I mean about the abundance of peaches and nudes? (are we still allowed to call them nudes? That's a can of worms i'm not opening!) New Look must be predicting that the nude trend is going to go out of Vogue very quickly. I still really love it though, trend or not, and will be rocking nudes for a little while longer yet: there perfect for summer and look amazing with a tan. If you agree with me then the new look sale is the place for you: all of the tops above are less than £15 and they all look and feel fab!

NB: Please ignore my horrible hair in all of the photos above. I went for a swim before work this morning but forgot my swim cap, so I swam anyway and left my hair a tangled chlorine-stinking bush!

I would recommend that if you're looking for sale bargains and you're a New Look fan then get there sooner rather than later. The stock seems to be disapearing really quickly (in the Oxford street store at least) and the items you're looking for might not be there for long. If you're wardrobe is missing a casual jacket, hareem pants, super soft sweatshirts or raincoats then you should run to New Look: these are the highlights of the sale.

Love, Tor xx

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Little Miss Serendipity said...

The blue dress suits you so much! I hope they have it in Ireland. I'm so going to buy it! It's a classic plus could be worn in the summer and the winter. I need one!! lol

KD said...


Louise said...

I love New Look and I think that the Navy Blue dress looks fab on you, I hope you bought it!

MrJeffery said...

love the one with the bow!

Harriet said...

I love that pink dress, shame it does look slightly odd in the boob area though!

Abbie said...

ooh lovely lovely! I tried on the pink dress and had serious issues with the bust area... it just didn't really seem to fit right... without that the dress was gorgeous!

The Style PA said...

Loving the polka dot pics... I'm quite partial to some spots myself.