Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Competition: Fashion Maketh Woman

I'm going to a really interesting debate next week, and the best thing is, I have two tickets to give away so that one of you lovely readers and a friend can come along!

The debate is about the nature of fashion: It's importance to how we feel about and perceive ourselves. Here's the blurb:
Woman is born free but cannot escape the shackles of fashion. Her choices are an illusion, her purchases are dictated. Her self-worth is inextricably linked to her compulsion to look better, be better than everyone else. Happiness is both the conformity and the one-up(wo)manship that owning the latest bondage boots entails. This, at least, is the story told by those who scoff at fashion. But isn’t that just pursed-lipped envy? Isn’t it rather the case that fashion defines our Zeitgeist? That the brilliant designers in the fashion houses bring joy and vigour to an otherwise pedestrian world? And those who somehow think they’re above it all just end up looking drab and dull?
Speakers taking part in the debate include Paula Reed (Style director of Grazia magazine) Madalaine Levy (Editor in Chief of Bon Magazine) and the wonderful Grayson Perry (a man i've always wanted to meet).

To be in with a chance of winning you have to be a Fabfrocks follower (it's a simple click to the box on your right!) and leave a comment letting me know where you stand on the debate: does fashion maketh woman? Tell me something about your relationship with fashion. I often wonder if mine is healthy: I love to surround myself with fashion often at the expense of other aspects of my life (I bought shoes instead on a dining table. We still dont have one!)

The prize is two tickets to the debate which is taking place next Thursday in the Methodist Central Hall, Westminster. The doors open at 6pm, the debate starts at 6.45pm and is scheduled to finish at 8.30pm. The winner will be picked at random on Sunday.

If you'd like to attend the event anyway, then tickets are £25 each and available here. Good luck with the competition!

Love, Tor xx


Claire said...

Fashion definitely does not maketh woman! It is true that love is in the eye of the beholder, and a woman of exceptional intelligence and academic worth may be no better at choosing a frock than I would be better at picking a car! (i.e. potentially catastrophic!) Fashion is something that is open to all women, because in the real, accessible fashion world (away from the skinny, glamazons of the high-fashion industry) what we were is reflected in how we express ourselves. In a roundabout way, what I am trying to say is that if a woman feels she has other avenues through which she can express, impress or advertise her worth, perhaps more subtly, aside from what she wears - that makes her no less a woman.

I would love two tickets, this is my entry! :) I'm in London for the next week and a half on a work experience placement. I'm from up near where you live - Lincoln way, so this would just totally round off my fantastic city experience!

Claire @ Jazzpad

Claire said...

....Oooh I got so carried away with the first question I didn't answer the second haha! Numpty!

My view on fashion is purely experimental. I'm not quite brave enough to team a tutu with a tie, but I'm getting there. Fashion, for me, is about stretching the boundaries of what I feel comfortable wearing, without losing my identity of course!

Anonymous said...

Oh My where to start?! I think style doesn't maketh woman but fashion may. As much as I would love to buy all the gorgeous clothes I see, i still have a tad of common sense left that means I pay rent before spending the rest of my wages on clothes. I do forego food on an alarming regular basis though!
If I had the money to buy anything I would still buy clothing that appealed to me rather than what is the latest "in-thing" or trendy. Which I think is the difference between fashion and style.

I am nowhere near London but would travel down if I won the tickets - kudos for travelling the furthest?!

Please consider me

Lea x

KD said...

"Fashion definitely does not maketh woman!"
But all the same, it definitely seems interesting.