Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Faith closing down sale...two days to go!

I wrote a little while ago that Faith had gone into consolidation and the time since then has really flown. This morning there is a sign in the window of the Oxford street store saying there are just two days to go until the store closes permenantly. I'm pretty sure this closing date will apply to stores nationwide too.
On Friday the 20% off everything had increased to 30% off everything. There was alos a big sale section with 50% or more off. I suspect that the percentage of discount will increase again in these final two days.
I picked up these cute 100% leather gold sandals for just £18. I've worn them every single day since I got them, and i've never had such a comfortable pair of sandals on my feet. I intend to wear these to death, and even toy with getting another pair for when I inevitably wear these out!

If you need new shoes then I would recommend popping down to your local Faith to check them out before it's too late: they have a great selection of sandals, loads of wedding and formal wear shoes, and even some shoe boots that would be great for saving for Autumn. As someone in the comments of my last post about this said, by supporting the company now and bagging yourself a bargain, you are helping ensure that their staff and other debtors get paid.

Love, Tor x


abmarie said...

The joys of closing stores :D Love the sandals, BTW! :)

Harriet said...

My local Faith has already shut it's doors :( I'll miss it, it was always the coolest of the shoeshops when I was younger, though admittedly I haven't shopped there in a while.

Kirsty . x . said...

My faith has alreay closed!! the shop itself was only 6 months old if that as it opened in one of our new centres!!

I am gutted I fail to see how this company went down that pan as it really was a world class shoe supplier

sad times x