Monday, 14 June 2010

Fabfrocks wedding update: The date has been set...

As Make do Kate just reminded me, I haven't told you how it went with the vicar - not fashion related, but I hope you'll humour my occasional diversions! Well the answer is, it went very well, and we have set the date for the wedding! On 15th July 2011 I will become Mrs Tor Hampton and marry the football addict currently dominating my sofa. (Although if I have to watch football every night for the next month I might change my mind!) The vicar was a lovely man who didn't show any interest in my outfit (imagine!) despite my panic about putting it together, and seemed genuinely pleased to see us. The church is beautiful and I woke up this morning exhausted having spent the night walking up and down its aisle. I do think these stress situations make you behaving strangely though. I don't drink hot drinks (I don't like the feeling of hot water on my tongue) but when he asked if I wanted a cup of tea I said "yes please" and actually drank it too. I also forgot how to spell Mike's name whilst filling in the forms - I hope he realised it was nerves, rather than a sham wedding!
We're having the ceremony at Christ Church in Norwich, which is a stones throw from our old stomping ground and full of nostalgia. Did you know that it is often said of Norwich that there is a church for every Sunday of the year, and a pub for every evening: it's the only town I have ever been to that has a pub on the corner of every street. After a sneaky stiffening drink in our favourite pub (which is 100 yards away from the church!) we will then be following our guests to the Barnham Broom hotel, which is where we're having the reception. Everything is reserved, and as soon as our Banns payment is received and approved everything can be finalised: then I get to carry on with the fun stuff, such as choosing dresses, making favours, and of course creating invitations.
Believe it or not, this pile of paper and luxury card will be transformed into Alice in Wonderland-style invitations, save the date cards, and home made thank you paper. All it's going to take is hours of labourious work and the talents of my considerably more crafty sister: all because I decided on a whim that handmade stationery has a nicer feel. I'm even learning calligraphy! I'm also making all the favours myself, and am on a mission to buy a beautiful floral teacup for each place setting and teapots to hold my table centre flowers. I'm hoping if I buy them a couple at a time from charity/junk shops and car boot sales, and have the whole team working on it, it will only take us a couple of months to get everything together. In the end I know it will be worth it, but ask me in the middle and i'm sure i'll tell you I wish i'd never started!!

I'm going to try not to bore you too much with the wedding stuff, and get back to my very busy and important schedule of posting pictures of shoes and dresses, but if you would like to keep updated with the plans as they progress then you can follow the fabfrocks wedding blog as well: bridal tantrums guarenteed!

Love, Tor xx


teawithonesugarplease said...

Fantastic news - well done and the church looks lovely - that is a big aisle to walk up - did you go get the viv westwood shoes? I love the teacups idea

KD said...

Sounds absolutely lovely! I am a long way off from a wedding (if I ever have one), but I quite enjoy these posts! It's a beautiful church.

Becky said...

The Alice in Wonderland theme sounds amazing, especially with the teacups. I'm looking forward to seeing all of these great ideas come together in your wedding blog :D Congratulations!

Hayles said...

Ooh lovely! And exciting!
My only tip would be not to make the invites too complex, otherwise you'll be cursing yourself after the first few and realising theres so many more left to do! (After helping with my best friends wedding, I couldn't go into Hobbycraft for 6 months!)

mama said...

beautiful church that will certainly take some thinking about with regard to the flowers - maybe pew ends would be a good place to start.

Christina Sanders said...

The church is beautiful! You must be so excited!

I saw you are going to the Aussie event on wednesday. See you there!! Xoxo

Clare said...

Exciting times! Congratulations!

tweet tweet tweet