Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Dresses: Got your GOAT

I normally immediately delete any email that's subject starts with the sentence "Victoria Beckham wears...." Victoria Beckham might or might not have excellent taste, but this isn't a celebrity blog, and unless she's designing it, i'm not writing about it. But, accidentally, I clicked open instead of delete, and i'm glad I did: but not for Victoria Beckham.
The yellow dress VB is wearing is the one above (which looks better on the model) and it's strikingly lovely: the colour, the length, the subtle ruffles. I coveted immediately (as I often do) then googled the GOAT website looking for more dresses. Nothing is as striking as the initial yellow burst, but I loved the shape and sharp shoulders of this pillar box red dress which I immediately wanted to team with opague tights and dolly shoes. The collection has a really 1960s feel, which I felt again in this white dress with its bib/peter pan collar, and the oversized buttons on the cashmere cardigan/jacket made me instantly think of Marc Jacobs then ponder how great it would look on my mum.
GOAT is certainly aimed at someone a little older than the Topshop generation: tailoring rather than gimmicks are king. My mum would look fabulous in all of this: tailoring and great cardigans are her trademarks. But I rather like it: luxy fabrics, great cuts and flattering fits, what's not to like? When the time inevitably comes for me to smarten up and stop dressing like i've been dragged through a hedge backwards, this is how i'll be doing it.

Love, Tor xx

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Harriet said...

These are beautiful, definitely worth a look, such gorgeous, stylish dresses.