Saturday, 12 June 2010

Question: What do you wear when you meet a vicar?

I haven't done one of my "what do you wear?" pieces for a while, and I admit that this one is pretty specific! But I decided that if it's a situation that I have no idea what I should wear for, then other people have probably struggled with it too! On Sunday (eek - that's tomorrow!) Mike and I are going to meet for "a chat" with the vicar that we hope will marry us.

I only generally go to church at Christmas/Easter or for weddings/christenings/funerals. All of these are specific occasions with their own dress codes. And I know that church goers tend to dress up for church on a Sunday. But what do you wear when your having a cup of tea with a man that will decide if you can get married where you want to, and will be intergral to your service?

Advice from all of my married friends has focused on one word: "conservative". But conservative doesn't have to mean boring, and if you're fashion conscious then I think that part of your personality needs to shine through too. So here are my ideas for what to wear to meet the vicar:
I have included big bags with both outfits because wedding visits generally mean you accumulate more brochures and bits of paper than you can carry: this way you have somewhere to put them!
The modern clergy is very different from its considerably more formal ancestors: I'm lead to believe that as long as you're a believer and you want to get married, anything goes! Most vicars I know wear jeans and shun their dog collars. I know there are some situations that can't be influenced by what you wear (it's not like your on a first date with the vicar and you want him to like your dress!)but I just think, as with most things, it's about making yourself feel good that's important, and looking good will help you do that. The two outfits above will help you fly through this situation, which is bound to make you feel nervous (I'm starting to get the jitters already!) and keep you looking and feeling confident.

I just hope I can manage to look good and maintain the illusion of confidence on Sunday!

Love, Tor xx

Ps - If you have any ideas for "what do you wear?" pieces i'd love to hear them!


cybersarah said...

Hello, where is the red dress from? It's lovely x

Rai said...

Oooh, I can think of loads of good 'what do you wear' ideas; holiday with boyfriend/partner/husbands family, university interview, school reunion...

Harriet said...

Ooh, scary, good luck with the vicar! I love the dress in the first one to bits!

Little Miss Serendipity said...

I reckon the first outfit is the nicest and most vicarish. It's reminiscent of old skool Sunday best without coming off too deliberately prudish. Best of luck.

angela said...

Love love love the pair of trousers in the second outfit, where are they from?

I personally prefer the second outfit more than the first :] but both outfits are cute and appropriate :]

teawithonesugarplease said...

Twinset and pearls :-) good luck

Make Do Style said...

It will be fine! So exciting xx

Winnie said...

OOOH! That red dress is adorable, I love it. I've read on twitter that your dates are provisionally set...amazing!!