Monday, 12 May 2014

Happy Birthday to....Me!

Hi guys,
Just a quick and very self indulgent post because today I turned the grand age of 30. I was expecting to feel old. Or at least older. But 30 doesn't feel any different at all. I wonder if that's a good sign that my life is on the right track and I'm exactly where I wanted to be before my latest milestone birthday?
 photo birthday1_zps07d8a518.jpg
Birthdays definitely make you reflect on your life, particularly significant ones like 30, and I'm glad to say that I don't find mine lacking at all. I have a wonderful life: a crazy husband, the most amazing son, an incredible family, a house that I love (despite parts of it falling solidly into 'fixer upper' territory) fabulous friends and a job that (whilst it won't ever make me a millionaire) I actually love doing. Today, of all days, I feel truly blessed.

Bring it on 30, I'm ready for you! Because I think this year is going to be a good one!

Love Tor x

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lucy B said...

Happy birthday tor. Wilbur looks ready for a piece of cake. You look beautiful and not a day over 21! X