Thursday, 18 July 2013

Shoes: My perfect summer feet!

Hi guys,
Well I'm going to state the obvious and say that it is scorching!! I am currently alternating my time between hiding inside in the shade (the perfect time to go to an air conditioned shopping centre!) and sitting under a parasol in the garden with my feet in the paddling pool - ahh, the joys of freelancing!

Keeping my feet comfortable in this weather is a daily challenge: not glamorous I know, but my feet tend to swell in the heat. I still want to look good though (obviously!) so I need sandals that look amazing paired with simple cotton sundresses, shorts and leggings, but still keep my feet comfortable and give them room to expand at will! I have found the perfect solution: these super-sexy Jonak sandals from Sarenza.
 photo jonak1_zpsd33248b1.jpg  photo jonak2_zpsd4aa8db7.jpg  photo jonak3_zpsc89481cb.jpg These are the most comfortable leather sandals I have ever owned. The leather sole is slim and flexible and the pony skin leather upper is so soft: it's like wearing butter on your feet! Because the straps are adjustable and the sides are open it doesn't matter whether my feet are swollen (there's that glamour again!) or their normal size: the shoes still feet comfortable and look great. I promise you, these are like the holy grail of summer shoes!

What are you wearing to keep cool in the heat? And do you have any tips for look sleek and put together when inside you feel like you're melting? I'd love to hear them! I'm not sure I'm keeping my composure at all this week!

Love Tor x

*I am a Sarenza Brand Ambassador

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char said...

I do rather like these - do they give you interesting tan lines?