Tuesday, 23 July 2013

How much will you spend on looking good this summer?

Hi guys,
Just received an interesting press release that I thought I would share, because the numbers in it left me a little shocked! I love shopping as much as the next shopping addict, but even I was surprised at how much the average British woman spends on looking good in the summer: especially given the British summer is so short! But according to research from Lambrini, the average British woman spends £800 on looking good in the summer! Wow.
 photo venice_zpsee2c7b9b.png Here's how the figures are broken down: More than two thirds (67 per cent) say they splash out more on looking good in July than in any other month. A combination of outdoor events and big social occasions like weddings means 80 per cent will spend £400 on new clothes, while 89 per cent will book-in for £400 of beauty treatments too.

And if that sounds expensive, one in eight British women interviewed for the Lambrini research admits spending £800 on a new hot weather wardrobe. If that sounds like a lot, one in 20 woman say they spend over £1,500 on their summer wardrobe!! Erm, ouch!

I would guess that so far this summer (Despite having two weddings, two christenings and an engagement party to attend, and going on holiday in October) I have only spent around £200. Are British women not wearing any of the clothes they already have in their wardrobe any more?!

How much have you spend on your summer wardrobe? Are you buying a new dress for every summer social occasion you attend, or do you (shock horror) wear the same dress twice, and reuse clothes you've worn last summer? I'd love to hear your thoughts on this: maybe £800 isn't as much money to spend in a month as it feels to me!

Love Tor xx

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