Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Fabfrocks at Home loves....Johan Potma

Hi guys,
When we are in Berlin last month, Mike and I interspersed our site seeing with visits to endless markets: both Christmas and otherwise. It was a wonderful way to spend a weekend, and I brought home far more than I should have.

One of the best things I brought home though was the picture above: it made me laugh, and I don't know about your house but in ours it's true too: we can never seem to pair our socks!

It's a print by Johan Potma, who is a Dutch painter and illustrator who lives and works in Berlin. Johan co-owns the Zozoville gallery in Berlin, and has worked with Pepsi, Playboy, and Nickelodeon. I love the way all of his illustrations have so much personality:
I admit they're a little geeky, and furry monsters aren't to everyone's taste. But I only paid 10 Euros for my print, which was a ridiculous bargain. And I like them so much, if I'd had the room and the wall space, I'd have brought home a couple more!

Want one of your own? You can see and buy more of Johan's illustrations on his website.

Love Tor xxx

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Jodie said...

O wow I love these! They're all so sweet and have such a strong personality x