Friday, 20 January 2012

These aren't just any Valentines gifts....These are M&S Valentine's gifts!

Hi guys,
I always say that I'm not a big fan of Valentine's day. Who needs a special day to show someone you care about them, right? Having said that, if I didn't get a card I'd be gutted. Hypocrite, much!?

It's a fact that Valentine's day presents are usually pretty tacky (and as a general rule not great quality). Not true at M&S though, who's Valentine's offering I went to check out yesterday:
The heart bra set is traditional valentine's fare, but still devillishy pretty (and the fabric is a luxe-feeling satin). The stand out underwear set for me though was the gorgeous floral cotton longline bra and matching high rise briefs: this set has universal appeal that will last long after valentines day. And call me boring and practical, but because it's from M&S, at least you know if will wash well over and over again. And it's all available now.

Aside from the standard cakes and chocolates (always yummy!) the other gifts I loved were the household ones. Practical and pretty, who doesn't want a heart shaped cake mould or terrine? This Valentine's day I think I'll fill the house with pink and red kitsch and just finally embrace it. It's all too pretty not to!

Love Tor xx


dinoprincesschar said...

really like those underwear sets - i'd be happy with either for v day !:)

Carly said...

It all looks very pretty indeed!

Elise said...

My god I love M&S underwear! That floral set is totally amazing - I don't support Valentines Day really but any excuse to buy more frillies! :)