Saturday, 7 January 2012

Daily Wear: A Casual Saturday

Hi guys,
I haven't posted an outfit post for weeks; mostly because over Christmas, all of my outfits have consisted of pajamas or hubby's cozy oversized jumpers. I defy anyone to look fashionable whilst watching movies and stuffing their faces with Quality Street!

Today is another casual day (no hair, no make up, no effort!) but at least I'm wearing clothes, as we popped out to check out the sales:Photobucket
Today I'm wearing my orange cocoon coat from H&M, Topshop leather panel leggings, Moschino shoes, blue Primark blouse, Friis & co handbag, and beloved Marc Jacobs watch. I'm delighted by how well the new Moschino shoes match my studded handbag: a dream combo.

I love this coat, which I picked up from the H&M in Selfridges just before Christmas. I love their H&M concession: they pick all of the best pieces, which means I always want every single thing, and don't have to sift through the rails looking for the good stuff!

Love Tor xx

PS - I've just added more items to the Fabfrocks Shop, and will be adding some more items tomorrow.

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