Friday, 27 January 2012

Do you remember your first love?

Hi guys,
Do you remember your first love? Aside from chocolate biscuits, mine was a chap called Andy from Rotherham (yup, it's all glamour for me).

I was fifteen years old, and I thought he was the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen. I even thought the fact he came from Rotherham made him mysterious and exotic: oh the deluded power of love! When we broke up I thought I would never recover. We were the Romeo and Juliet of the North, and there was no way to get over it: for a month or two at least, until boyfriend number two came along!

Aside from to make you all cringe, why am I sharing my puppy love stories? Because of Dr Martens new campaign: #Firstandforever. They're inviting people to tell them about their firsts: first love, first heartbreak, first pair of Dr Martens....

I popped along for a sneak preview of the new campaign video last night, featuring Agyness Deyn looking unfeasibly beautiful. And now you can see it too. I promise this video will make you wish you were fifteen again:

I still remember my first pair of Dr Martens. They were shoes, not boots: black and clunky and ugly as hell. Especially when teamed with my gangly teenage legs! But I loved them: just as much as I love my chunky boots now. At least that's one love that did survive!!

Tell me about your first love!

Love Tor xx


Rai said...

My first pair of doc martens were when I was three years old; they had butterflies on and I wore them with dungaree dresses (so my fashion sense hasn't really changed all that much..) There is a lovely picture of my proferring one to a llama at a petting zoo, haha. x

brown.jack76 said...

I like the dress of that woman whose photograph is on the above part of your blog.