Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Daily Wear: Stealing styling tips from my dad

Hi guys,
I know we're supposed to call it masculine tailoring or something, but whenever I see someone wearing a button up shirt with a knitted jumper over it I think of my dad: It's his trademark look! Today I'm stealing his style and wearing that exact same outfit for myself:  photo dadstyle1_zpsf93b3ac4.jpg  photo dadstyle3_zpsc261ad4e.jpg  photo dadstyle4_zpsc0208f1b.jpg These are Leigh jeans from Topshop, teamed with a heart print blouse from Asda (aren't you surprised I didn't say Burberry? Ha!) and my jumper is from Asda too. The big leather bag was a bargain in the River Island sale back in January. And I'm disproportionately pleased that I managed to paint my nails last night; it's the first time I've been able to do them for ages!
 photo dadstyle2_zps23818eb5.jpg Instead of wearing boots, which was my first instinct, I opted for my Minna Parikka bunny shoes, and put rolls in my jeans instead. When I first found out that Sarenza would be stocking Minna Parikka shoes I wrote a lengthy post here about why I loved the brand so much. All of those reasons still stand: it is by far one of my favourite shoe brands both because of the quality, comfort, and the quirkiness. Since I got them I've worn these shoes to death!

What are you wearing today? And are you wearing your coat yet? I'm going without mine today: I hope I don't regret it!

Love Tor xx

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Jess Shanahan said...

Oh my god, Tor. Those shoes!