Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Sponsored Post: I'm adding a compact camera to my Christmas list

Hi guys,
We got back from our trip to Disneyland Paris on Friday evening, and whilst we were there I managed to take 300 photos, spend hundreds of pounds on Disney toys for my little man, and give him the best holiday ever. I'll be writing a full review of tackling the park with a ten month old baby on my family blog later. But it's the photos I will always treasure.

On the way home, Mike said to me that photos are memories noone can ever take away; which in turn made me think about how glad I am to have my camera and be able to capture everything. BUT (isn't there always a but!) my DSLR camera is bulky and massive, which means I always have it when I'm on holiday, or for big events, but never seem to have it for capturing those little spur of the moment things, or taking outfit posts on those rare occasions when I think "hey, this outfit looks good today!". Which is why I've added a Compact system camera small enough to fit in my handbag to my Christmas list! Need some reasons why? Here are several:

Infographic Source

If I could pick any compact system camera, it would have to be one from the Sony NEX range: because although they're small, they have all the functionality I would look for in a camera (let's face it, why get a low quality point and shoot, when your iphone already has that quality of camera built in). And they look great too: because I'm far too vain to put anything that isn't sleek and great-looking in my handbag!

What do you think about the merits of choosing a compact camera, or will you still be carrying your DSLR around with you everywhere? And have you started thinking about what you'll be putting on your Christmas list yet? It's closer than you think: and it won't be long 'til I'm posting near-constant suggestions for Christmas gift ideas. So if you don't have any ideas now, you will soon!

Love Tor x

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