Thursday, 17 October 2013

Fashion Lessons We Can Learn From Disney Princesses

Hi guys,
Whilst I was watching the Princesses on parade at Disneyland Paris last week, and marvelling at how well presented they always are, I came up with this fun idea for a post: fashion lessons we can learn from Disney Princesses. It also gave me a great excuse to share some of my princess parade photos!
 photo princesses2_zpsf88382f1.jpg
1. The most fashionable women think outside the box. All you need is a little imagination: anything can become part of your outfit if you use your initiative. Just ask Ariel and her use of seashells. Or Giselle and her frocks fashioned from curtains!

2. Cropped tops really are the next hottest trend. Especially if you've got a fabulous figure like Princess Jasmine in Aladdin. And whilst we're talking about Princess Jasmine, detailed harem pants are a great on-trend alternative to a dress for evening wear too!

3. Don't have time to blow dry your hair? Why not use the Colours of the Wind as a low-cost and environmentally friendly alternative: it worked for Pocahontas!
 photo princesses3_zps6bbbce6d.jpg
4. Don't underestimate the effect putting on a really really great dress will have on you - and, apparently, you're level of attractiveness to handsome princes. The list of down-on-their-luck wannabe princesses this has worked for is too long to list!

5. No matter what you're wearing, it pays to make sure you're always wearing fabulous shoes. After all, the handsome prince wouldn't have gone chasing after Cinderella if she'd left Crocs behind!
 photo princesses1_zpsf5683591.jpg
And the lessons I've learnt from the Disney villains? Well, fur always looks fabulous, darling (just ask Cruella de Ville). Black is the most flattering colour for fuller figure gals (just ask Ursula the Sea Witch) and if you go to a party where someone is looking much 'fairer' than you either pretend they don't exist or eliminate them (well, if it works for the evil queen from Snow White....)

Love Tor x

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