Friday, 18 October 2013

Shoes: Give me metallic detailed boots!

Hi guys,
If you're looking for winter boots that will really make a statement then I have found the statement boots for you: especially if you're a fan of anything gold and shiny like me! These Antik Batik knee high boots are quite the show stoppers. I really like Antik Batik: their collections always have a really ethnic and bohemian feel, and these boots are no exception.  photo antikbatikboots_zps55aca2d7.png
I just love these shoes: because they're so detailed you wouldn't have to do too much with the rest of your outfit to stand out: jeans and a simple fine knit sweater, or tights and a classic tea dress. And because they're flat you could wear them all day without any problems too. I don't currently own any knee high boots (I tend to be more of an ankle boots fan) but I think I would definitely be prepared to make an exception for these!

Want a pair of these beauties of your own? You can add them to your shoe collection for £255.99. And they are available here.

Love Tor x

  *Post written as part of a partnership with Spartoo shoes

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