Sunday, 20 October 2013

Looking for cheap cosmetics and perfumes this Christmas? Let me tell you a secret....

Hi guys,
When I was living in London and my sister in Bedfordshire, we used to always do our Christmas shopping together: and we'd meet halfway between both our homes in Watford! We hit the shops, gossiped, ate a Christmas dinner, and then went home laden with bags.

One of the shops we always visited was a shop called TJHughes. TJ's (as we called it) is one of those shops that sells a little bit of everything. But we always made a beeline for the Christmas gift sets, the ridiculously cheap cosmetics, and the crazily affordable perfumes. You can find a great range of cheap perfumes from TJHughes. And everything always has a huge discount off the RRP: I once went in and found Urban Decay eyeshadows for £1.50 each! TJ Hughes used to be my Christmas time secret weapon, because it meant I could get my friends and family so much more cosmetic-based presents for my money! And now I'm sharing that secret with you!  photo tjhughes_zpsb9152146.png Maybelline lash stiletto mascara, 99p (rrp £2.99)
Elizabeth Arden Flawless finish, £12.99 (rrp £20)

Paul Smith Woman, £19.99 (rrp £50.04)
Boujois nail varnish set, £9.99
Kenzo flowers £22.99 (rrp £29)

If you don't live near Watford (but all the best people do!) you can also shop online at I didn't even know they had a website until last week. I've added some of the best deals available on the website right now, so that you get an idea of the kinds of bargains available.

This year, the Christmas shopping trip is being replanned, as halfway between both our homes now is Cambridge. And this year we'll both have our babies with us. But it's still one of the festive days out I most look forward to!

Love Tor x

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