Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Accessories: You know you're a mum when....

Hi guys,
You know you're a mum when your iPhone cover image stops being something sleek and stylish, and becomes a big old close up of your baby's squishy face instead!  photo phonecase1_zps10efdf3c.jpg  photo phonecase2_zpsb41997e5.jpg My iPhone case was sent for me to review by www.wrappz.com who sell all manner of phone covers, cases, and skins. They have a great range of really quite fashionable and stylish pre-designed cases too, but I just couldn't resist the idea of having Wilbur smiling at me from the back of my phone.

I'm really pleased with this, and am going to order one for Mike too. It will make a great filler for his Christmas stocking - yes, I am thinking about Christmas stockings already!

What do you have to protect your mobile phone? Something personalised, something stylish, or do you simply leave it cover-free?

Love Tor x

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