Sunday, 13 October 2013

Holidays: Packing for Paris in the Autumn

Hi guys,
I know this is a pretty niche post, but I really struggled to decide what to pack for our trip to Paris last week. Some forecasts said it would be warm, some that it would be cold and rainy. In the end, it was both! The weather was really changeable. So what did I pack for Paris in the Autumn? And what pieces would I recommend?

When I'm in Paris I always like to be as comfortable as possible (we walk a lot, rather than take the Metro when possible because that way you see so much more) and I also try to blend in with the locals rather than stand out as a tourist (It decreases the likelihood of having your purse stolen!) so I keep things muted and (dare I say it) chic. Lots of neutral colours, sensible but stylish boots (these are my Vagabond ankle boots from Sarenza) and a comfortable pair of jeans are what I would consider essentials.
 photo paris1_zps0c437648.png We've been to Paris in October a couple of times before and the weather is different every time, so I try to prepare for every eventuality which means only one thing: lots of layers! I also packed vests, chiffon blouses, a heavy cardigan, my leather jacket, and a couple of scarves for extra warmth (if needed) and style. Of course, I also slipped in a Mickey Mouse tee too, for when we had our photos taken with the big man himself!
 photo paris2_zpsdae988d2.png My suitcase came with lovely matching cotton bags, which I've used to pack my toiletries and my underwear separately. I always pack much more underwear than I need, because changing your pants and socks is an easy way to freshen up before you go out for the evening without having to fill your suitcase with lots of extra outfits!

Other Parisian essentials? My sunglasses, a couple of necklaces (to take black chiffon blouses from day to night) and of course my slimmed down make up bag, which contains my foundation and powder, a mascara, and a lovely bright red lipstick. It's worth noting that (because we travelled with the baby) we didn't doing any fancy evening dining: if you are heading to Paris and you will be enjoying evening activities, you will need to pack something other than jeans, in my experience. Leather trousers or a slim-fitting pencil skirt would be my first choices!

What do you pack when you travel to Europe at this time of year? Do you have any hints or tips to share?

Love Tor x

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