Thursday, 26 September 2013

Shoes: Irregular Choice don't know the meaning of subtlety!

Hi guys,
I love Irregular Choice shoes (I have a small handful of them) but they really aren't a brand that know the definition of subtle, are they? I've definitely never heard anyone talk about getting a sensible pair of black shoes for the office from them, anyway!
 photo irregularchoicebrigues_zps360ea66d.png
These crazy brogues have got so much going on: leopard print leather, brogue detailing, pink ribbon laces and all topped off with a gold glittery heel. They could almost be too much, but because they're flats I think I'd get away with it: I imagine these worn with skinny ankle grazing jeans and a black satin vest or even a sequinned black jacket for an informal night out.

It's back to school time for University students up and down the country at the minute and Norwich is full of fresh-faced freshers. Irregular Choice shoes always make me think of university, because I got my first pair when I was a fresh-faced fresher over ten years ago, and I've been in love with the brand ever since. (Gosh, writing that down makes me feel old!) I still have that very first pair in a box in my office: they make me feel so nostalgic!

Want to start an Irregular Choice shoe collection of your own? Heading back to school and known just how you'd style these babies for that special Freshers Week event? You can pick up a pair from here for £71.99.

Love Tor x

*Post written as part of a partnership with Spartoo shoes


char said...

Oh, I have been quite tempted by these. I have a fairly sensible pair of black pin-striped Irregular Choice heels, with a tape measure corsage on the front which are one of my favourite pairs of work shoes. BUt I have to admit, I also have another 200 or so pairs of much more crazy ones.

Anonymous said...

THOSE SHOES! I'm not a huge animal print fan but I would wear those shoes to death. LOVE.