Thursday, 19 September 2013

Make Up: Could this be the best Foundation in the World?

Hi guys,
Since my wedding two years ago (when I dicovered the merits of Chanel make up) I have been loyal to Chanel Perfection Lumiere as my everyday foundation: until now. Whilst I still have a bottle of the Chanel in my make up bag, there is a new foundation I am turning to. It's creamy and easy to apply, it's not too thick but it offers full coverage, and it blends perfectly and evenly into my skin. I bought it as an emergency measure when I went away for the weekend and forgot to take my make up bag - but didn't want to spend a fortune on new Chanel foundation when I had an almost full bottle at home. But now I prefer this one....And it's less than half the price!  photo foundation1_zps36ad8400.png  photo foundation2_zpscc504af1.png No. 7's Stay Perfect foundation does exactly what it says on the bottle: It gives a flawless finish and it lasts all day. You can get a bottle for just £14: and because No 7 make up is so frequently on Boot's 3 for 2 offer it quite often works out even cheaper than that, if you have other make up you need/want to buy too. I used to always wear a dusting of powder over my Chanel foundation to set it, but I don't even bother with that since switching to the No 7 one: which makes my make up routine quicker and easier too. It's a win-win. I really have been surprised and impressed by this accidental discovery.

What foundation are you using at the moment? Do you swear by a great brand that you'd definitely recommend?

Love Tor x


Gemma Bellfield said...

I do really love this foundation myself, not too heavy not too light! I'm currently using some Rimmel one but I need to update it soon :)
Gemma x

Elina Mark said...

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