Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Luggage: My new Lulu Guinness Suitcase

Hi guys,
I actually got this suitcase when I last went to Bicester Village (which was for our wedding anniversary weekend back in July) and I even took the photos then too, but totally forgot to write it up! The bonus of that though is that I've used a suitcase several times since then, so when I tell you how brilliant it is I really and truly mean it!
 photo luluguinnesssuitcase1_zps3dd80ca7.jpg
So what do I like about this suitcase? Well I'm no luggage expert, but the fact it has four wheels rather than two means that it's so much easier to push: all of the wheels also spin at 360 degrees, so it will go where ever you want it to go with ease. I also love the black and cream striped lining of the case, and it comes with three black and cream matching drawstring bags which are perfect for using to contain your toiletries and your pants! I've had hard shell suitcases before and they've always felt bulky and heavy, but this one is surprisingly light: I can lift it with ease, even when it's full of my stuff. And finally I love the gorgeous lip print on the front: of course I do, it's the main reason I bought it! And it get looks of admiration whenever I take it out, which is always nice too.
 photo luluguinnesssuitcase2_zpsf87542b5.jpg
 photo luluguinnesssuitcase3_zpsa38d879c.jpg
My suitcase is in the black cherry colour. The range also comes in vibrant lipstick red and glossy black. As I said before, I got my suitcase (which is the medium size) from the Lulu Guinness outlet at Bicester Village (where it cost £120) but I've also seen them in John Lewis and House of Fraser stores (where the prices start at £195, depending on what size you're looking for).

The reason I'm telling you about my suitcase? Because I'm about to start packing it, ready to take Wilbur on his first holiday! More on that tomorrow.

Love Tor x

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Daniel Morris said...

Gorgeous case. Wishing you many many happy journeys.