Tuesday, 18 December 2012

The shoes every girl needs part three: Flat boots

Hi guys,
Here's part three of my series of shoes you need to have a perfectly rounded shoe wardrobe! I believe that with just 6 carefully selected pairs of shoes, you can have a shoe for every possible occasion. Today is the turn of the shoe I am wearing on a daily basis at the moment: The comfortable flat boot.
Have I mentioned that I'm slightly in love with by H by Hudson Horrigan boots? I have? At least 100 times? Well that's because they are my perfect flat boots! Yours might look different: I have no intention of being a fashion dictator here! Your perfect flat boot could be a chelsea boot, a riding boot or even a cowboy boot. It really doesn't matter! All that matters is that they're waterproof, comfortable, and that you can walk for miles in them without your feet hurting. If you've got that then you've got the third pair of shoes in the list of shoes every girl needs, and the ones you'll probably be wearing most this winter!

Here are my picks of the best flat boots from the Sarenza website. I've chosen only ankle-height boots because they are my personal preference: I also think they're so versatile and they look good on everyone!
Ash studded boots, £240
Pin by Addict-Initial tan leather ankle boots, £87
Burgandy Mellow Yellow boots, £110
Mellow Yellow black and grey knit boots, £111
Ash brown moccasin boots, £140
Clarks lace up boots, £59.99

It's too late to ask if you have you're winter boots yet: I know you must have or you'd have frostbitten toes! So I want to know what your perfect winter boot is? And how many pairs of boots do you have for the winter?

Wondering what other shoes every girl needs in her wardrobe? Check out part one (black heels) here and part two (leather pumps) here.

Love Tor xx

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Jet Shanahan said...

Love my flat boots! I have so many different pairs. Great selection here, tempted by a few.