Tuesday, 11 December 2012

The best Christmas present ever: Meet my son!

Hi guys,
In the midst of all of my consumerist Christmas posts full of presents I want, decorations I need, and perfect Christmas ideas, I thought I'd share the best Christmas present I've ever received. Meet my son: Wilbur George, who was born last Friday (7th December) at 3.45am weighing in at 8 lb 4 oz.
Words cannot express how in love I am with this little man. He is the most perfect, handsome baby I have ever seen, and the best thing I have ever done. Officially my greatest achievement.

So yes. That's that. The latest addition to team Fabfrocks is here, and he's increased our cute quotient by at least 100%!

Love Tor xx


char said...

congratulations on your beautiful son! x

Daisy said...

What a beauty. congratulations x :)

daisychain said...

Aah, massive congratulations! x

Emma Jade said...

He's a little stunner! Congrats!

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Caroline said...

hes perfect :) huge congrats! xx

WendyB said...

Congrats! Love the name!

Hayles said...