Friday, 21 December 2012

The perfect seasonal shop window from Next

Hi guys,
In the latest in their series of festive themed competitions, Next are asking bloggers to create their perfect Christmassy shop window display. This time the competition is being hosted by the wonderful Jess over at Feeling Stylish.

I love shop window dressings (going to see the Selfridges Christmas windows is something of an annual tradition for me) so I couldn't resist throwing my hat into the ring and creating an entry. I've gone for a festive homespun-style window, complete with bunting, natural decorations, and cozy outfits perfect for snuggling up in under the Christmas tree. No constrictive party dresses and trousers that don't allow a second helping of turkey for me on Christmas day!!
Decorative robin, £10
Hand knit pattern cardigan, £75
Set of 2 bark Christmas trees, £12
Snowflake sequin sweater, £32
Fairisle pattern sweater, £20
Bell heart decorations, £10 for a set of three
Knitted slipper boots, £16
Button ballerina slippers, £10

The competition actually closes today (cutting it close to the wire I know!) but if you'd like to create your own entry, just head over to the Feeling Stylish blog for more info!

Are you ready for Christmas yet? And have you finished your Christmas shopping? We're all done here in the fabfrocks household, and already holed up at my mother in laws, ready to enjoy the festivities!

Love Tor x

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Winnie said...

I love a good Christmas jumper! I finished my Christmas shopping on Tuesday which for me, is pretty late going this year! So looking forward to Christmas now!