Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Spiky shoes: What colour to choose?!

Hi guys,
I've always had an unhealthy obsession with shoes, but lately my inbox seems to be bombarded with new styles that I know I just need: my lustometer is in overdrive!! The latest culprits that I can't seem to get out of my head are these super spiky loafers from nelly.com.
Photobucket And because this pesky pregnancy has scuppered any interest I have in wearing heels, I think I might have to indulge (erm, I mean invest) in a pair! The problem? They come in four different colours (Cobalt Blue, Mocha Cream, Sunny Day Orange or Ice White) and I just can't choose which one I want. I'm torn between the blue and the orange.

At £51.95 they're definitely affordable, but not so affordable I can buy two pairs! So I want to know what you think! Which spiky shoe has caught your eye? If you could choose one colour which would it be? And more importantly, do you think these essentially comfortable pumps are really as dangerous as they look? (I'll have plasters at the ready, just in case!)

Love Tor xx

PS - I'm hosting a twitter party on the 14th June! I'd really love it if you could put the date in your diary and join me!


Gemma Bellfield said...

the skin coloured ones are my favvv x

lottie said...

If i got them i would pick the nude or the white because i think they would go with my clothes more x x

The Style PA said...

I would go blue or orange :)

Jean said...

Awe. They just look fierce and great! Love the colors, especially the crimson orange. :)
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lifeaccordingtolea said...

Go with the blue! <3