Friday, 8 June 2012

A diamond in the rough!

Hi guys,
I've never been a diamond jewellery kind of girl. Even my engagement ring isn't a traditional diamond; diamonds just seem too perfect, too boring, too uniformly ordinary to me. But then I saw these diamond earrings: so far from the traditionally preppy diamond studs I'm used to seeing. And I fell in love:
Photobucket They're from etsy shop Alexis Russell Jewellery and come in at $168 (approximately £111) The gold is 14 carat, and the stone is a rough cut diamond. I've never seen one before, but I love it -  it has an earthy, natural, organic feel. And they have a mixed metal feel, with the gold against the silvery diamond.
Rough diamond sterling silver ring, $148 (approx £98)
Rough diamond cascade necklace, $235 (approx £136)

The collection comes in a mix of 14ct gold and sterling silver, although I prefer the gold against the uncut earthy stones. I would definitely recommend checking out some of Alexis' stuff: Its a lovely little Etsy shop, featuring hammered metal bangles (which are gorgeous!) and a plethora of pieces made from semi precious stones. But it's the rough cut diamonds that have stolen my heart!

Love Tor xx


SamanthaB said...

I love the ring! Have never seen that sort of diamond before either :-)

Anonymous said...

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Those diamonds are one of a kind. Is that really a diamond or just an ordinary stone?