Tuesday, 15 February 2011

What's in the window: Denim is definitely back!

Hi guys,
As an avid skirt and dress lover, it looks like I am going to be very out of fashion this spring/summer. Denim is back, and it is everywhere! I love the aesthetic of the bright Seventies-style denim: flared trousers teamed with denim shirts and lots of tan accessories. But I just don't have the right body shape to pull it off: with my wide hips and short legs, flares look ludicrous on me! The only way denim generally works on my body is either if I wear a denim dress, or if I team a lightweight pair of denim hareem pants (like those in the Hobbs picture below) with a fitted vest or Tshirt.

For something that is widely considered to be an easy "wardrobe staple" I find jeans incredibly difficult to buy, and even more difficult to wear: it takes me much longer to put together a "just thrown on" outfit involving jeans than it does to actually throw on a tea dress!

But just because I can't wear it well doesn't mean denim isn't going to be everywhere we turn for the next six months. Here are some examples of denim on the high street:


Armani Exchange:


It looks like i'm going to have to go and experiment with some jeans shopping doesn't it. Sigh!
Love, Tor xx


Alex said...

I don't know anyone that finds denim easy to buy. After some trial and error I lucked upon Dorothy Perkins £15 skinny short jeans and I can't face looking anywhere else for them now.

Tamsin said...

I hate buying jeans - I just don't bother. Which is annoying, because I can always think of great outfits involving them. Right now I'm my fattest ever so my one pair of nicely fitting jeans don't remotely go over my thighs :(:(

Rai said...

I'm not really into jeans. I wear them under dresses when it's super cold, but I'm not all that bothered about how they look or fit as you can't really see 'em! x

Hummingbird Vintage said...

I completely agree...buying jeans = nightmare...and sadly my favourite (and only) pair don't fit due to Christmas, New Year and Jan over indulging.....BRING ON THE DRESSES!!

Anonymous said...

I used to HATE jeans, until I found that actually skinny jeans look quite good on me (even though I'm far far from skinny!) :P and also I love the way new look do jeans, (in some shops) they divide them into cuts, then lenghts (and are one of very very few that do my lenght (I think its 28'') and then sizes. It's perfect because it's so organized so I don't have to swim through tons of denim to find the right size! : Phaha! I'm glad denim is big this season, but I 'm afraid I don't look as fashionable wearing it , it's more of a 'everyday quick uni outift' for me than a 'fabulous 70s vibe' :P

Kelly said...

Denim can be a bloody nightmare to get to fit properly.
Only one pair have ever come close and that was Topshop. DP's a close second. I wear denim in other forms, headscarfs, shirts, rarely jeans now strangely.