Monday, 21 February 2011

London Fashion Week: Felicities presents and A la disposition

Hi guys,
I had a late start today which meant I had a nice long lie in this morning, then a trip to the hairdressers for a cut and colour. It's looking good, even if I do say so myself! Then it was time for the serious business of the day: fashion time!

Felicities presents

Felicities Presents was a showcase of the four youngest designers from Felicities (a fashion PR agency) The two designers who wowed me the most though were those pictured above: Saffron Knight and Evmorfia. The other designers involved in the showcase were Rainbow Winter and Lall London.

I loved the hard structure of the Evmorfia pieces, and was wowed by the pattern and detail on the dresses by Saffron Knight: i've seen her work before but it's never really made a strong impression on my. These more detailed softer pieces are definitely more to my taste.

A la disposition
I couldn't stop staring at the eyes of the models: the make up at this show was phenomenal and all the models were wearing red contact lens: the looked almost demonic. I also loved the frizzy hair: if frizz is coming back then I am truly in vogue!

The theme of the show was "The Utopian Aviary". I loved the contrast of the colours: shimmering and vibrant oranges reds and greens sat alongside black grey and brown like Autumnal plummage. The structural pieces with the oversized collars were the real showstoppers, whilst heavy velvet dresses and feminine blouses were completely wearable. The show was a real mix of simplistic pieces one minute, then elabourate structural pieces the next. I loved the contrast, and the enderstated but lavish sense of style.

Love, Tor


Anonymous said...

Amazing, I love discovering new designers! :) The work Saffron Knight and Evmorfia looks really intriguing in the first two pictures! :)

FabiƩnne said...

love the first pic and came across your blog, it's stellar!!