Saturday, 19 February 2011

New York Fashion Week: Some Marc Jacobs love

Hi guys,
Whilst i'm busying myself with London Fashion Week, I thought i'd post a review of my favourite show from New York Fashion Week: London Fashion Week show reviews should start tomorrow!

As always, I loved the Marc Jacobs show: it's such an important one, because the man has so much influence. So many of the trends we've all been wearing for the past couple of years have been defined by him.
I loved all of the leather: the midi length leather skirts, the oversized leather tees If soft leather is going to be in vogue again next autumn/winter then count me in! I'm a polka dot addict, so I loved all the polka dot details. The soft polka dot handbag was an especial favourite: what I wouldn't give to have a collection of Marc Jacobs handbags at my disposal! How wearable this collection would be, I don't know: the leather and rubber skirts which looked so great with their high shine were so tight they would be incredibly difficult to walk in; you would be making a real fashion commitment if you decided to give it a go!

One trend I can't see taking off is the little hats that topped off the majority of the outfits. With their high gloss nubs, they made some of the browner outfits look like acorns: not a good look! These vinyl berets were made by Stephen Jones: very dominatrix, which completed the severe look of the whole show. I really loved it, but on the whole I only covet the softer more wearable pieces, like the polka dot sweater for example : the more extreme pieces looked great on the catwalk, but they're not for me!

Love, Tor xx

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Christina Sanders said...

I bought a camel soft-leather tee in the boxing day sales this year. It is the same kind of shape as the top in the first picture.