Sunday, 20 February 2011

London Fashion Week: Bernard Chandran and Belle Sauvage on day 2

Hi guys,
Day two of fashion week started with lots of rain, which lead to an outfit dilemma: comfort or style?! I went for comfort in my skinny jeans and brogues, but still ended up with cold wet feet. This probably has something to do with the hours spent queuing outside in the rain: The Bernard Chandran show was especially late. At least my hair didn't get wet: thank God for my Lulu Guiness umbrella from Brand Alley! The queuing was made much more bearable because I bumped into Jenny from the Style PA enroute to my first show, and we kept ourselves occupied with chatting and gossiping.

The Bernard Chandran show
Although it was delayed, the Bernard Chandran show was worth the wait. I was in the worst possible position to take pictures, so I won't bore you with loads of grainy wobbly shots, and you'll have to make do with description instead:
As this grainy shot shows, the colours were bold and bright, and the collection features lots of hood and capes, even on more formal dresses. Coats and jackets were oversized and quilted with cinched in waists, and this theme was taken into the evening wear with my favourite piece of the show: a floor length quilted evening gown.

Around the waist of almost every outfit was an adornment i'm going to describe as a one sided peplum on a thick black belt. These gave each piece a very structural almost architectural feel, and were a key focus point because, aside from several pieces in vibrant red lace, the embellishment was fairly minimal this season.

The Belle Sauvage show
I love Belle Sauvage, and it's always one of the shows I look forward to. The prints are always phenomenal, and the music and attendees are always too cool for school. (Which I am obviously not, because I use phrases like too cool for school!) I loved everything about this show: the dresses, the modern-rebel hair, the styling.
The prints were considerably more toned down and muted than they have been in previous seasons. The dresses were figure hugging with bold shoulders and slash details. Hems were either super short or ankle length, but I saw enough slender thighs to be able to say the midi will be long gone for Belle Sauvage by this time next year.

As always though, the focus was more about the print than the cut. One thing I couldn't stop focusing on was the shoes: they were epic! Seriously high and severe black wedges with endless embellishment: fringing, studding, chains, you name it! They were exactly to my taste, and truly irresistable!

Love, Tor xx


Anonymous said...

AMAZING. The Belle Sauvage prints remind me a bit of Alexander McQueen meets Erdem! :) And too bad the shoes aren't in the picture, you made me super intrigued to see them now! :) can't wait! :)

Tamsin said...

I was going to cover Belle Sauvage for AGENT2 and then decided I couldn't - by the time I realised I could somebody else had taken it :( Boo! Also, I THINK I saw you in Leon on Saturday? x

tor (fabfrocks) said...

@tamsin How funny - you probably did: that's where I stopped for lunch. You should've come said hi! :)

shelbybaby said...

it's uncanny to see bernard chandran doing fashion shows with lady gaga on his dress-list and having people crowd to catch a glimpse of his work... i can still remember when he started out in kl making expensive kebayas for ladies of leisure. he's come a long way since then and have now... arrived.