Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Jumpers get sophisticated with

Hi guys,
When I think of knitwear, I think of casualwear. Big slouchy jumpers or cardigans teamed with leggings, jeans, and sloppy dresses. And then I saw these pictures from my-wardrobe. I get sent a lot of emails and press releases, and I don't publish a tenth of them here. But sometimes I see pictures that, for whatever reason, make me think "wow, I wish I dressed like that." And those are the pictures I just have to share:
Who knew knitwear could look so sophisticated? These outfits are simple but fashionable. Unfussy. Well put together. I want to dress like this model in my everyday life: these outfits would be perfect for almost any ocassion; work, play, dinner. Yes, I know i'm gushing. I even want to team tan shoes with ankle socks and a matching jumper.
I wish I looked a tenth as sophistcated as these pics, which is a new phenomenon for me. I've never cared very much about looking sophisticated before! Recently I feel like my fashion sense/tastes are evolving. I wonder how much of this has to do with my impending marriage.

It started with my hands and has spread: I've gone from having tatty chipped nails to polishing them 3 times a week. (It seems essential when my ring hand is under so much scrutiny!) I even apply hand cream everyday, to keep them looking there best. And I can feel my fashion sense growing up too. Gone are the Hello Kitty jumpers and chunky plastic jewellery. Even my scruffy pumps don't feel right anymore: In there place are blazers and gold jewels (still chunky though, that will never change!) and shoes that I actually take the time to polish. Has any one else found their fashion tastes evolving as they get older/experience changes in their life? And how do you feel about it?

Love, Tor xx


sarahbetty said...


These jumpers are so delicate and nice. You're right, they do look perfect for wearing with little dresses for S/S11.

Sarah Betty xx

Jo said...

I looove the sophisticated look! The 3rd image is my favorite; it's so nice! x

Tamsin said...

My tastes have most definitely evolved over the last few years. I started out as a little punk kid, then moved onto a more twee, vintage look and now I basically just want to wear slouchy jersey and black all the time!
Still have an inability to leave my nail polish on for more than a day though *picks it all off*

Anonymous said...

I know exactly what you mean Tor! I feel like I'm ready to move on for a next stage of my life, so I just felt like I have to make a conscious decision for my style to evolve! :) Now I'm super careful when buying something, because I don't want to buy something just because I might have worn it few years ago haha, does that make sense!?