Monday, 13 December 2010

Topshop outlet: A peek inside

Hi guys,
Today I headed into Edgware to pick up my final Christmas presents and some wrapping paper, which gave me the perfect excuse to pop into the Topshop outlet for my last visit of the year. If you're looking for Christmas Party heels, the Topshop outlet is your best friend right now: on trend clogs, wedges, and metallic ruffles all jostled for space for less than £40 a pair (less than £20 a pair if you factor in the buy one get one free) I realised i've never shown you pictures of what the outlet looks like on the inside, so I took a couple of sneaky pics today:
There were loads of amazing belts to tempt me (when I am on a strict accessories ban!) but I was strong and buried myself in the dresses rail instead. Here are the four I tried one:
My favourite dress by far was the third one: I loved the wintery floral pattern, the nipped in lace-detail waist and the deep neckline. I also really loved the twist on the checked shirt of the final dress: it was this great, light chiffon fabric, although it looked a little boxy on my bust. The first two dresses weren't the best shapes on me, although I loved them in theory: the heart print pattern and the mix of cotton and lace were gorgeous. All four of the dresses were £15, buy one get one free.

I know I am absolutely obsessed with this shop, and I write about it all the time. But who can afford to shop in Topshop when they need a quick fashion fix? I know I can't, and the prices just keep going up and up. The outlet gives me my perfect Topshop fix without costing me a fortune. This week my picks to look out for in the Topshop outlet are the jersey maxi dresses (ranging from £7-£15) and the heeled clogs in tan and black (£35)

Love, Tor xx


Rai said...

There's a topshop outlet-type thing here in Newport but it isn't quite the same; it's not buy one get one free but its just a shop full of sale! Literally nothing is over £10, it's amaaaazing c: xx

Harriet said...

Gosh, I am going to *have* to go visit this magical place at some point! The third dress is totally gorgeous on you.

Louisee x said...

I didn't even know there was such thing as a Topshop outlet... this is news to me!! Best thing i've heard all day haha. you're so lucky buying all those bargains :)


Crafty Nell said...

To me, this place looks a little bit like heaven. Will definitely have to pay it a visit next time I'm that way...

Penny x

talisha said...

Is it me or are there more shoes than usual? :)

Love this place, just a bus ride away, so everytime I'm home from uni I go and have a look!

vello said...

when is the best time of the year to visit the store? thank you!

KassandraMarie said...

I will be visiting London this summer..and i would so love to go to this store. i wanted to know what sizes this store offers. im not huge but, im not all that small either.. i tend to look for well fitting pieces. Will i find that there?

KassandraMarie said...

I will be visiting London this summer and i would just love to go to the topshop outlet. i wanted to know what sizes the store carries. im not huge but, im not the smallest either. i tend to look for well fitting pieces. will i find that there?

tor (fabfrocks) said...

Hi KassandraMarie,
The store stocks the usual topshop sizes: UK 8-16. However the vast majority of the clothes in stock tend to be around 10-12. Hope this helps!