Friday, 17 December 2010

Primark SS11: Why do they make it so hard?!

Hi guys,
Why do Primark make themselves so hard to resist?! I've been trying to focus on buying better, more long lasting pieces and having a solid reliable wardrobe. I've build up a wardrobe of key sensible pieces (black dresses, straight fitting blazers) and i'm splurging on better quality pieces less regularly, rather than having weekly Primark binges. I was a Primark addict attempting to go into recovery. Then I see pictures like this, and all I want to do is hit the shops: Photobucket
All of these beautiful things are due in store between the end of January and the end of April, and are from Primarks new SS11 collection. I'm hoping that the midi dress and pallazzo pants look so incredible because of clever styling and photography, rather than because they are just really that lovely, otherwise my mission to save for high quality black pallazzo pants for my honeymoon could go to ruin and the money could be wasted on a Primark splurge instead!! There isn't an outfit above I wouldn't wear.

Love, Tor x


daisychain said...

Oh wow, what beauties! I love the printed trousers, but I tried a pair of this seasons on and they just arent long enough :(

Crafty Nell said...

Ah, I'm so impatient, really wish half these things were in store now although probably a good thing they aren't as -10 degrees is probably not the ideal temperature...

Penny x

shelbybaby said...

OMG i wish we had primark in msia!! loving the waist-high pants... *droooool*