Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Shoes that are good for the Sole

Although expensive (so expensive I don't actually own a pair!) French Sole pumps are the most comfortable, prettiest shoes I have ever had on my feet. Because I am more of a flats than a heels kind of girl (comfort is king!) I have lusted after a pair for a very long time- and in Tor world lusting means frequently trying on! I was thinking about them because of this gorgeous pair I saw in Look magazine today:These ones however say "I love you" across the heart, where the ones in the magazine simply say "French Sole". Perhaps they're too new to be on the website yet?
I really am trying to have more investment pieces and less Primark in my wardrobe (although I still love Primark very much!) But I am trying to have Primark for my trend-led buys that I don't expect to last more than a season or two (sequinned party dresses for example) and spend a little more on 'the classics' that I know I will wear over and over. Like new pumps. The problem is I am always drawn the crazy colours and patterns rather than the cute patent black pair that I could actually talk myself into buying as an investment piece.
Here are the ones I fancy:
Maybe this means that i'm just not ready to be sensible and buy investment pieces yet. I still fancy a pair of these pumps though - here's hoping the January sales will be kind to me!
That's definitely what I will be looking for in the sales: decent shoes are always a sensible investment even if I never go for the sensible pattern! It's a discussion I have everytime another pair of Primark pumps has to be thrown away. "I could have had a really nice pair of pumps the amount i've spent on these over and over again". The problem is, of course, that you can find the fiver needed to replace the above mentioned shoes, but finding £100 all at the same time for the nice pair is more difficult.
Love, Tor xx


Daisy said...

Ohhh they are so pretty!

Make Do Style said...

They are lovely but I'd go with the fiver option currently and try and save for a pair!

KD said...

I love French Sole!

Valerie said...

I recently bought a pair but was a bit disappointed. I had to return the first pair because it was too small, and the second one I received is a little too large. I wear them with insoles but I still don't find them super comfy. To be honest I've had Primark flats that were comfier! lol

Anonymous said...

I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool