Thursday, 12 November 2009

A little festive interlude

Hi Guys,
Sorry party dress week has gotten off to such a shaky start- I will definitely rectify that this afternoon! On Tuesday night my mum came to town for the day (she left last night) and i've been so busy having fun with her and my sisters that I haven't had time to post!
Before we went to have a wonderfully decedant afternoon tea (i'm ashamed to say that I ate 2 clotted cream laden scones and 3 cakes!) we took mum to Harrods to buy us Christmas presents (shameless!) to buy her a hamper from the foodhall -a pre-Christmas gift from me, and to check out the Christmas wonderland on the second floor. That is what this post is about.
If you ever have an hour to spare and want to start feeling festive then I suggest you visit Harrod's winter wonderland. It's beautiful, luxurious and extravagent. Decorations and trinkets hang as far as the eye can see and you can marvel over the beautifully decorated trees and the contents of the £300 box of crackers. For enthusiasts like myself, there is even a full stand of hello kitty tree decorations. At this time of year, it really is one of my favourite places to be:
*The 2 youngsters are my sisters - you've seen them before. The beautiful lady in the pink is my Mum - I know i'm a bit biased, but she really is the best a girl could ask for!
What you can't see if the massive bags i'm carrying - only I would be stupid enough to buy a giant hamper and a huge perfume gift set at the start of a shopping trip!

My next party dress post will come to you in a couple of hours! Sorry again for the delay, but i'm sure it will be worth it!

Love, Tor x

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Make Do Style said...

Wow looks amazing - I must go. I'm not a Harrods girl but I've been meaning to make the effort!!