Sunday, 1 November 2009

Swim in it for charity!

Sometimes more interesting than what people do is how they go about doing them. For me, the thought process of a designer is just as inspiring as the final designs he or she produces. You can appreciate the design more when you see where it started and where influences were taken from. I hope this explains my fascination with the boards I am going to show you for today's post.

Cult British fashion label PPQ have designed a range of one off exclusive swimming caps in collaboration with the Schweppes Abbey-Well 'Get Britian Schwimming' campaign. The campaign aims to get more people swimming. Now I like to swim (its the only exercise I get if i'm honest!) but I would see these hats at the wedding before I would see them ruined in a swimming pool!


As you can see, PPQ used British heritage as the design influence for their pieces. The four caps channel four distinct British fashion traditions- Punk, 50's Britain , Rockabilly and Royal.

But because i'm a tease i'm not going to show you the final designs, but you can view then on eBay where they are now available to buy - it is, after all, for charity! Now i'm going to watch Xfactor and eat a roast dinner - enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Love, Tor xx

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Make Do Style said...

That would be rubbish in the pool the chlorine would ruin it! But would look great out one evening!