Sunday, 22 November 2009

Daily wear: The new old dress

Hi guys,
Two important things happened in the FabFrocks house this weekend; the first is that we put up our Christmas decorations (it's the first Sunday of Advent next Sunday and my whole family is coming round for a feast!)
They're looking so pretty, and are making me feel really festive! I've even started taunting Mike by leaving wrapped presents under the tree! The second exciting thing is that I fit into this dress:
A couple of months ago the boyfriend kindly ordered me this dress from ASOS. I loved it, especially the unusual panels. However I was devastated when it was too tight and it just didn't fit.
Mike packed it all up to send it back, but I just liked it too much to let it go. So I resolved to lose a little bit of weight and have used it as a measuring stick because I don't like scales; and this weekend it fit!! I still want to shed a little more weight, especially off my upper arms and legs which are looking particularly chunky in my coloured tights experiment. But this pretty dress made my day, because it means i'm making steps in the right direction!
Now i'm going to ruin it all by sitting in front of my Christmas tree and eating a mince pie!
Love, Tor xx


KD said...

I LOVE THAT DRESS! I"m so glad you can wear it now. :-)

gleenn said...

that is really sweet for boyfirend to order such a pretty dress. you look gorgeous in it ;)

Make Do Style said...

Great dress, looks fab on you!
The festive fun is fab too...