Monday, 9 November 2009

Party dress week. Day 1: Miss Selfridge

In recent months Miss Selfridge have really up their game, and i'm impressed with almost everything in store. I used to view them as Topshop's younger, not-so-cool sister (because the clothes were always a bit too teenie) but they have definitely stepped out of the shadow.
Funnily enough, Miss Selfridge is one of the few stores still in existence that featured in my dissertation; it began as the fashion section of Selfridges in 1966. It got its name because Charles Clore, the owner of Selfridges at the time, saw a window display in the Bonwit Teller store in New York which showed "Miss Bonwit" dresses aimed specifically at teenagers. The 60s was the birth of this youth culture when collections and stores were specifically aimed at the newly coined "teenagers". Some of the first dresses to be sold in Miss Selfridge were the famous paper dresses, which I have written about in the past.
However the dresses in store now are definitely not made of paper. Here is my pick of the best party dresses in store now. I have taken pictures of them both on and off, because some of them look amazing on the hanger, but aren't really cut for boobs and there are some spillage incidents. Oh, and my budget went out of the window. Apparently even a £50 budget is too restrictive for this seasons party frocks:


Almost everything was very dark and black (with the occassional colour pop, as you can see) and embellishment and sequinning was massive; I suspect we will see alot of that on the highstreet this week. The tunic is the shape that suits me best and I actually quite like the first dress. The third dress is spectacular with amazing detail all over it. But like the rest of the Miss Selfridge dresses it probably looks better off the hanger than it does for me. They just don't seem to cut for boobs! But here they are:


Not a bad start to our party dress week! Any suggestions for where you'd like to see me go tomorrow? I'm very open to external influence!

Love, Tor x


Intrinsically Florrie said...

Wow I love the pink one- you look absolutely gorgeous in it!!

Florrie x

Kb said...

Oooh, nice to know some facts about the company, always thought it sounded too similar to Selfridges. Hope you find the perfect dress! Maybe Topshop and River Island are worth a visit?

Make Do Style said...

Loving the party hunt - you must try Dorothy Perkins!

5188 - Hayley Minn said...

LOVE the last dress on you! Please try out Primark. There's got to be some goodies there!

KD said...

The pink and black one looks far better on you than the hanger!

kirstyb said...

loving the dress in the 3rd pic! xxxx

The Style PA said...
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MargieF said...

I LOVE the third dress...i saw it a couple of weeks ago and i refuse it try it on in case i fall in love with it...i cant afford the £80/£85 price tag:(