Friday, 6 November 2009

What's in the window: Selfridges Christmas edition

I have had some feedback that not all of you like the "what's in the window" feature. Well actually, one specific person doesn't like the "what's in the window" feature. But I don't feel like other people should be in a position to choose what you do or don't write about, otherwise all blogs would look the same, and that would defeat the object of writing a blog altogether. I also don't see what people thing they can achieve by being nasty about a blog; haven't they got better ways to fill their days? It's a matter of personal taste. And I happen to like shop windows.

There are no shop windows I like more in the world than Selfridges, and my love of them doubles at Christmas time. This year the theme is a pantomine one, with a different panto represented in every window. One of the first things I noticed is that there is something by Vivienne Westwood in every single one; it's not really suprising though. Her style lends itself perfectly to the panto theme.



Each of the windows is trimmed with a lighted garland, like in the last photo. My overriding feeling is that the whole thing is very tongue in cheek. I am especially fond of the bold flashing slogans accompanying every display. And i couldn't believe it when I read that the dress in the third picture is by Alexander McQueen; it's so over the top and opulent that I assumed it had been "created" by the window dressers with yards of fabric and chicken wire! Oh, and what you can't see in the picture is that in the fourth window the cows trousers are pulled down to reveal stockings and suspenders.

This series of displays is my favourite so far, because although it doesn't have the extravagant "wow factor" of last year, you find more little touches and jokes to chuckle about the more you look at it. I am slightly disturbed by the pervy-creepy santa in window six though!

Its definitely worth a walk down Oxford street this month, even if you're only going to view these windows!

Love, Tor xx


Daisy said...

How very colourful and fab !

The Style PA said...

I love this feature. How shops display their windows is another creative art form. I love to see it when someone does something different and I will be taking snaps this Christmas too.

Have you seen the Harrods windows yet? They are Wizard of Oz themed. Pretty amazing.

Etrapar said...

oh, we already have to think about Christmas...^.^
have a lovely weekened

Anonymous said...

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